Your CX Energy Boost!

Setting Your Customer Experience Compass | EPS #3

September 30, 2022 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 3
Your CX Energy Boost!
Setting Your Customer Experience Compass | EPS #3
Show Notes

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In this first episode of the CX Energy Boost podcast, Zanna van der Aa explains why many organisations struggle to find the right compass for their CX programs. Meaning: what's the best way to discover exactly which buttons to push to have the biggest impact and fastest increase in CX (for example satisfaction or Net Promotor Score increase).

She explains:
💡 The 5 types of experience and their metrics
💡 The risks of measuring touchpoints
💡 How to connect journeys, channels and the overall experience
💡 How to use smart statistics to find those buttons and create hard, steerable information that will show you exactly what to improve

This approach has been proven many times with different organisations, sector and even countries. Every time we have been able to show a significant increase (i.e from a 6.2 to a 7.1  or a 7.9 to an 8.8) within 3 months time.

Zanna van der Aa combines 20+ years of experience in CX transformation with a PhD in CX.
Miranda Nijenhuis is Zanna's partner in crime for over 8 years now and in these podcasts she has the role of the interviewer. This podcast was recorded on Oct 28th, 2022.