Your CX Energy Boost!

Eps #4 Finding the drivers of CX

October 02, 2022 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 4
Your CX Energy Boost!
Eps #4 Finding the drivers of CX
Show Notes

In this second episode, Zanna van der Aa (20+ years of experience in CX and PhD in CX) explains how you can find the drivers of customer experience. 

Most organisations are struggling to find hard, steerable data that tells them: for this journey, topic x will get you to a 8 or 9+ five times faster than topic y.

Most research companies fail to deliver on that promise. They either analyze open texts or predefined list of topics customers could select or they use correlation (which is not the same as cause and effect!).

Zanna explains:

  • the risks of not using smart statistics
  • which smart statistics to use and the value they add
  • the process how to find the drivers of your journeys

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Zanna van der Aa combines 20+ years of experience in CX transformation with a PhD in CX.
Miranda Nijenhuis is Zanna's partner in crime for over 8 years now and in these podcasts she has the role of the interviewer. This podcast was recorded on Oct 28th, 2022.