Your CX Energy Boost!

5 Key CX Metrics Nobody Uses | EPS #10

April 20, 2023 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 10
Your CX Energy Boost!
5 Key CX Metrics Nobody Uses | EPS #10
Show Notes

aka Key Statistics for CX Professionals ;)

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👉 Are you a CX professional struggling to make sense of statistics? 
👉 Are you intimidated by the complexity of data analysis? 

Fear not!

Tune in to this podcast and learn how you create steerable information on this fluffy thing called experience.

On top of that, you learn about 5 key CX metrics that no one seems to think about...

With a focus on methodology, this podcast discusses the pluses and minuses of survey tools, the risks of using open text questions, and the key basics of statistics that can help you achieve maximum business impact.

Zanna van der Aa combines 20+ years of experience in CX transformation with a PhD in CX.
Miranda Nijenhuis is Zanna's partner in crime for over 8 years now and in this podcast she has the role of interviewer. 

This podcast was recorded on April 4th, 2023.