Your CX Energy Boost!

Interview Danny Peters (Milkymap) on Journey Management | EPS #15

May 23, 2023 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 15
Your CX Energy Boost!
Interview Danny Peters (Milkymap) on Journey Management | EPS #15
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Journey Management: Transforming Customer Experiences 🚀

Danny Peters is Co-Founder & CEO of Milkymap. Join us in this podcast where we talk about the world of journey mapping and journey management and create true customer centricity through data modelling.

Here's why you should tune in:

📌 Practical applications: Learn how journey management tools can be implemented effectively

📌 Driving success: Understand the success criteria for journey management implementation

📌 CX transformation: Dive into the broader context of CX transformation

📌 Overcoming challenges: Uncover common mistakes and challenges faced by organizations during CRM and journey management implementation

Tune in now and unlock the potential of journey management!

(00:00) Introduction and Personal Background

(05:25) The Power of Journey Mapping and Journey Management

(12:42) Breaking Silos with Journey Management

(19:56) The Big Shift Towards Journey Management

(23:30) A Pragmatic Approach to Journey Management

(28:39) Driving Journey Management: Role of Departments

(32:19) Preventing Data Overload in Journey Management

(37:42) Taking Journey Mapping to the Next Level

(42:20) The Future of CX

To dive deeper into the popular topic of Journey Management, we recorded a podcast with Jochem van der Veer (CEO TheyDo, EPS 14) and Danny Peters (CEO MilkyMap, EPS 15). 

Introduction and Personal Background
From Journey Mapping to Journey Management
Understanding the Distinction
Success Criteria for Implementation
Life-Cycle model: Datamodelling for Customer Centricity
Building the model - example Dutch Tax services
Connecting Sales and CX