Your CX Energy Boost!

7 ways to get CX transformation in the DNA of your organisation | EPS #20

October 17, 2023 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 20
Your CX Energy Boost!
7 ways to get CX transformation in the DNA of your organisation | EPS #20
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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of successfully integrating Customer Experience (CX) into your organization's DNA? This podcast offers valuable insights and actionable strategies.

CX initiatives often start as programs, but the real magic happens when CX becomes an integral part of your organizational culture. The ultimate goal? Integrating CX in every facet of your operations.

Tune in and discover the 7 ways to integrate CX in the DNA of your organisation.

In this podcast we explore the 7 practical tips for effectively integrating CX. From recruitment to leadership roles, you'll learn how to seamlessly weave CX into your daily operations.

1. Share Customer Stories in Recruitment
Discover how to incorporate CX into every part of your hiring process.

2. Design Emotion-Focused Onboarding
Dive into the power of integrating CX into your employee onboarding program.

3. Aim for Integrated Internal Communication
Uncover strategies for seamlessly weaving CX-related content into your existing internal communication channels, making CX a part of your daily conversations.

4. Use the Customer as Meeting Starter
Learn how to incorporate CX discussions into routine gatherings and make it a consistent part of your organizational dialogue.

5. Facilitate Leaders with Tiny CX Habits
Empower your leaders to integrate CX practices into their daily routines through small, impactful habits. Leadership plays a crucial role in shaping your customer-centric culture.

6. Align Internal and External Metrics
Find out how to integrate CX metrics into your performance measurement systems.

7. Design for Energy through Playfulness
Explore the importance of playfulness and energy in maintaining a customer-focused culture over the long term. It's not just about metrics; it's about creating an environment where CX thrives.

Listen now and integrate CX seamlessly and effectively!

(01:28) - Introduction to CX Integration
(03:37) - The Seven Ways to Integrate CX
(04:47) - CX in Recruitment
(06:13) - CX in Onboarding
(08:00) - CX in Internal Communication
(10:06) - CX in Meetings
(11:40) - CX in Leadership Roles
(16:31) - Energy through Playfulness in CX Culture