Your CX Energy Boost!

Interview Sam Stern (LinkedIn) about the Power of a Customer-Centric Culture EPS #22

October 25, 2023 Zanna van der Aa
Your CX Energy Boost!
Interview Sam Stern (LinkedIn) about the Power of a Customer-Centric Culture EPS #22
Show Notes

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Do you want to transform your organization into a customer-centric powerhouse?

Sam Stern is Customer Experience Expert at LinkedIn and a former CX analyst at Forrester. In this podcast Zanna and Sam delve deep into the concept of a customer-centric culture.

6 Reasons to tune in:

👉 1. Alignment Across the Board

Learn how a customer-centric culture ensures that every member of your team, from behind-the-scenes employees to customer-facing staff, comprehends how their daily efforts contribute to delivering exceptional customer experiences. This alignment is the secret sauce for fostering a cohesive, customer-centric workforce.

👉 2. Business Impact Unveiled

Discover the magic that happens when employees truly grasp the connection between providing great customer experiences and tangible business success. Sam underscores the importance of helping your team recognize the value of their individual contributions in achieving customer-centric goals.

👉 3. Manageable Change

In a customer-centric culture, Sam highlights the creation of a framework that makes change feel manageable and well within each employee's capabilities. Encourage your staff to implement small yet impactful changes in their roles, all while contributing to the broader objective of customer-centricity.

👉 4. Cultivating a Customer-Focused Culture Takes Time

Understand that culture transformation isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. Sam provides valuable insights into why it often takes several years to establish a customer-centric culture and how to pursue this transformation alongside immediate customer experience improvements.

👉 5. Employee Engagement Matters

Explore the critical link between employee engagement and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Zanna and Sam emphasize that engaged employees, armed with a strong sense of purpose and the freedom to enhance customer service quality, can be a game-changer for businesses.

👉 6. The Bright Spots Analysis

Get ready to dive into the Bright Spots analysis, a powerful technique for identifying top performers within your organization. By understanding what sets these high achievers apart from the rest, you'll be able to distill interventions, training, or tools to empower other employees to emulate these behaviors and elevate the customer experience.

Start your transformation journey today and tune in!

(03:15) Introduction to Customer-Centric Culture

(06:42) Alignment Across the Organization

(09:18) Connecting Customer-Centricity to Business Impact

(11:45) Framing Individual Contributions

(15:02) Culture Transformation Takes Time

(18:40) Involving Employees in Co-Designing Changes

(21:12) Employee Engagement and Sense of Purpose

(24:19) Employee Empowerment and Sense of Purpose

(26:50) Bright Spots Analysis

(28:35) Leadership's Role in Culture Change