Your CX Energy Boost!

Stop measuring touchpoints EPS #24

February 05, 2024 Zanna van der Aa Season 1 Episode 24
Your CX Energy Boost!
Stop measuring touchpoints EPS #24
Show Notes

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Stop measuring touchpoints…? Que?

That was the response from several CX colleagues on LinkedIn when I posted the quote that I think we should stop measuring touchpoints and focus on the journey instead.

Of course, in 1 post and 1 picture I can not share too many nuances, so I decided to make a podcast to give some context and also answer some of the specific remarks.

So if you want to know:

  • How channels, touchpoints, journeys, life cycles are connected
  • What the risks are of measuring touchpoints
  • Why you struggle to mobilize your organisation with your touchpoint measurements
  • Why you need an integrated approach to finding drivers and not a zoomed-in approach on separate touchpoints

Then I’m sure you will value the perspectives I share in this podcast!

They are not “the truth”, it’s just what I have seen to work and not work in my years of running CX transformation programs.