Your CX Energy Boost!

CX should focus less on... CX EPS #27

March 28, 2024 Zanna van der Aa
Your CX Energy Boost!
CX should focus less on... CX EPS #27
Show Notes

In this episode we explore why CX might benefit from a shift in perspective. Zanna challenges assumptions she sees and hears when working with CX professionals.

📌 We need a Journey Management Tool

  • Before plunging headlong into the tool selection process, it's crucial to lay the groundwork, understand dynamics, and assess the true business value these tools can deliver.

📌 We Need to Map All Journeys 

  • Instead of giving in to the obsession with mapping all the journeys, prioritize journeys based on hard data and focus on the journeys that have the greatest impact on key business data.

📌 We Need Continuous Measurement

  • The allure of continuous measurement often leads organizations down a path of data collection without a clear vision of how to turn insights into actionable improvements.

📌 We Need a CX Strategy

  • The notion of crafting a standalone CX strategy divorced from the overarching organizational strategy can result in disjointed efforts and missed opportunities.

📌 We Need a CX Ambassador 

  • Relying solely on CX ambassadors, often cherry-picked from within the CX department, can lead to a limited reach and impact. Foster a culture where every employee is empowered to champion CX initiatives, regardless of their department, fostering a groundswell of engagement and commitment.

📌 We Need a Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

  • Placing the burden of CX solely on the shoulders of a Chief Customer Officer can foster a culture of dependency and detachment among employees. Embed customer-centricity throughout the organization, encouraging every individual to embrace their role in shaping exceptional customer experiences.

Let's strip away the layers of complexity and focus on the essence of CX - how we make our customers feel. It's the little moments that leave a lasting impression.

(01:12) Introduction
(04:46) Journey Management Tools
(06:42) Mapping all the Journeys
(09:41) Continuous Measurement
(14:39) CX Strategy
(19:27) CX Ambassadors
(21:54) CCO
(23:30) Focus on the essence of CX